Olve Maudal – Curriculum Vitae


Assignment History/Education/Experience

(Aug 2019 – now)
Senior Advisor, Equinor, Oslo

(July 2010 – July 2019)
Software/System Developer, Cisco Systems, Oslo

Developing systems for effective collaboration
Keywords: C, C++, Python, Security, DevOps, Software Architecture, Machine Learning, Knowledge Management
(TANDBERG was acquired by Cisco Systems in 2010)

(October 2004 – July 2010)
Software/System Developer, TANDBERG, Oslo

Developing systems for effective communication between people
Main projects: protocols, codecs and endpoints
Keywords: C, C++, Ruby, Embedded, SIP, Linux, Windows, Mac, Knowledge Management
(TANDBERG was acquired by Cisco Systems in 2010)

(June 2000 – September 2004)
Software/System Developer, BBS, Oslo

Developing systems for electronic funds transfer
Main projects: eFaktura, iBank, Avtalegiro Online, EFTPOS Terminals
Keywords: J2ME, J2EE, Corba, Solaris, Tandem, OS/390, Knowledge Management

(December 1996 – June 2000)
Software/System Developer, Schlumberger Geco-Prakla, Oslo

Developing systems for finding oil
Main projects: seismic acquisition systems and online geophysical processing and intepretation
Keywords: C++, Corba, HPC, Sun, Solaris, Geophysics, Knowledge Management

(September 1996 – December 1996)
PhD studies, Trondheim (NOT COMPLETED!)

Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim.
Provisional title: Knowledge Discovery techniques in Network Management
Keywords: Java, Telematics, System Reliability, Traffic Theory
(Gave up after 2 months due to complications beyond my control)

(September 1995 – September 1996)
MSc in Intelligent Robotics, Edinburgh

University of Edinburgh, Department of Artificial Intelligence.
Thesis: Preprocessing techniques for NN-based classifiers
Keywords: C, C++, Lisp, Prolog, Image Processing
(Completed degree with good results. Thesis rated ‘top 10’)

(September 1992 – June 1995)
BEng(Hons) in Software Engineering, Manchester

University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology.
Diploma: Training Neural Networks with Genetic Algorithms
Keywords: C, C++, Assembler, OO, Structural, Embedded Systems
(Completed with 1st Class Honours Degree)

(October 1991 – August 1992)
Norwegian Army, Ingeniørregimentet, Hønefoss

National service. Worked in the office as Administration Assistant (Corporal).

(August 1989 – June 1991)
International Baccalaureate, Trondheim Katedralskole

Specialisation: Mathematics, Physics, History.
Project: Velocity distribution of molecules in a monatomic gas.
Keywords: Pascal, Assembler, 2D/3D vectors
(IB is equivalent to british A-Levels and norwegian naturfaglinja)

(Aug 1988 – Jun 1989)
Grunnkurs Almenfag, Trondheim Katedralskole

(Aug 1987 – Jun 1988)
Grunnkurs Handel og Kontor, Nidareid VGS

(1988 – 1995)
Various summerjobs:

summer 1995 – Micro Design AS, Trondheim (Sybase, VBA, Unix, NT)
summer 1994 – Micro Design AS, Selbu (C, VxWorks, HDLC, DSP, Unix)
summer 1993 – Torinno AS, Oslo (SQLWindows, SQLBase, documentation)
summer 1992 – Torinno AS, Oslo (SQLWindows, Excel XLM, DDE)
summer 1991 – Studentsamskibnaden i Trondheim (janitor assistant)
summer 1990 – Studentsamskibnaden i Trondheim (janitor assistant)
summer 1989 – Studentsamskibnaden i Trondheim (janitor assistant)
summer 1988 – Studentsamskibnaden i Trondheim (janitor assistant)

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