My name is Olve Maudal. I grew up in Trondheim. Now living just outside of Oslo. Married. Two kids.

I am a dedicated geek and very proud of being a computer programmer. I have been writing code nearly every day since I got my first real computer, the VIC-20. Programming is definitely my favourite activity, but I am also very interested in how and why large groups of programmers can achieve spectacular things when working together in certain ways. This has lead me into studying things like development principles, project management, craftmanship, software architecture, leadership, organization theory, but first of all programming techniques. Knowledge management and inhouse training in software development has been central in all positions and roles that I have had so far in my career.

At university I studied Software Engineering and Artificial Intelligence. I started my professional career in an oil service company developing systems for searching oil, then I moved into finance developing systems for moving money, and now I am working for a networking company developing systems for effective communication between people.

My main interests are programming, mathematics, technology and science. I enjoy x-country skiing and hiking. I do play chess and bridge at a decent level. Oh and by the way, I can solve a Rubik’s cube blindfolded.

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