Solving a Rubik’s cube in less than 60 seconds

A couple of months ago I bought a Rubik’s cube in a nearby shop and after reading some guides on the net I learned how to solve it. A few hours later I could solve it in about 4 minutes all by myself. After a few days of practice I was down to about 2 minutes, but it was difficult to see how I could improve much further using the beginners method I started out with. My cube and dexterity does not allow me to do more than about 2 moves per second so I realized that I had to reduce the number of moves, rather than speeding up my fingers. After reading several websites about speedsolving techniques I set my self a tough goal – to become a sub-60 cuber. I was determined to study and practice the art of solving the cube until I could solve a Rubik’s cube in less than 60 seconds on average.

I can now often solve it in less than 60 seconds, but I am not stable enough to call myself a sub-60 cuber yet, but I am very close. Give me a few more weeks (or months) and I will get there. While playing with the cube on the bus, at work, at home, in the pub, basically everywhere, all the time, I sometimes meet other geeks that want to learn how to solve the cube fast as well. So I thought I should write up a guide about how to get started.

If you do not know how to solve the cube you need to study one of a billion guides that are available on the net. Here is a beginner solution by Leyan Lo that I recommend. Once you can solve the cube without referring to a guide, you can start to read more advanced stuff. The ultimate guide is written by Jessica Fridrich, but it is not easy to read. I found CubeFreak by Shotaro Makisumi to be the most useful site out there.

After studying these sites, as well as hundreds of other sites and watching plenty of youtube videos, I have ended up with a simplified Fridrich method with a four-look last layer. Here is what I do to solve it in less than 60 seconds:

1. Solve the extended cross ~5 sec (always a white cross)
2. Solve the first two layers (F2L) ~30 sec (keep cross on bottom)
3. Orient the last layer edges ~5 sec (1 out of 3 algorithms)
4. Orient the last layer corners ~5 sec (1 out of 7 algorithms)
5. Permute the last layer corners ~5 sec (1 out of 2 algorithms)
6. Permute the last layer edges ~5 sec (1 out of 4 algorithms)

My current focus is to improve the F2L step as I am still struggling to get under 30 seconds, but I am confident that with some more practice I will manage to get closer to 20 seconds and then I can label myself a sub-60 cuber.

For further inspiration, here is a video of a sub-120 cuber and a sub-10 cuber.

Happy cubing!

9 Responses to Solving a Rubik’s cube in less than 60 seconds

  1. mohammad says:

    alike to solve rubik at 60 secend
    i like to have algorithm of rubik

  2. Anup Rungta says:

    I also tried the same approach.. I was able to solve it in 15 mins approx. But, i’ll try now to reduce the time required to atleast a min. Thanks for your post.. :)

  3. Tim says:

    If you are looking to get really fast (sub 30 secs) then CFOP (aka Fridrich) F2L is definitely the way to go. Very important in fact.

    However an easier method to complete the first two layers is the “Keyhole” method. Keyhole F2L comes in two flavours, “corners first” or “edges first”. I personally prefer the latter.

    Using keyhole F2L, combined with a 4-look last layer, I was able to average 45 secs solves. People with better cube technique and better look ahead would be able to beat that easily, using the same process.

  4. prock says:

    same here. having problem with the F2L to get it toder 30 seconds.. my best time is 1.31.

  5. lili says:

    i can do it in 30 sec and im 11 i didnt skip any steps so its possible

  6. Cuber15 says:

    You can go faster with the beginner’s method. I used to solve at around 45 seconds when I was 9. Now I’m 15 and I started cubing again. With 4-look last layer, I can solve under 30 sec

  7. yassin says:

    I’m a cuber too, and I can call myself a sub-120 cuber. Bit I can’t say it with full confidence, because I can’t always solve it in under 2 minutes..
    But I hope to become a sub-60 cuber someday !

  8. Shadman says:

    I also did all the things like .i am currently using the same method which you are using .my average is 42 sec . I think you should fore look during f2l which will surely help to get it under 20. Also learn some finger tricks , it will help to cut down your rotating time .

  9. codeninjathe says:

    I’ve been solving a cube since ~ 3 months back, and I started off with a 2 minute time. I use beginners, and I can hit 32.57 sec as my record, and I am a sub 60 cuber. Then there are those days. 59 seconds.

    (ps, huge necrobump)

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