Your codebase is like a kitchen

The state of your codebase determines what you can achieve. In some ways your codebase is like a kitchen. I just presented a lightning talk about this analogy at the ACCU Conference. Here are the slides.

4 Responses to Your codebase is like a kitchen

  1. Anthony Hay says:

    Olve, I didn’t catch the talk but I enjoyed your slides. I hope the presentation went well. It was a mind-expanding conference, wasn’t it? Ant

  2. JuergenS says:

    very well analogy you hit with just very few slides one of the core problems of SW engineering

  3. Thierry says:

    Hi Olve! Excellent presentation. I enjoyed to see the nice kitchen and the food you can prepare with. I may not grab all the messages, but do you think you can only create nice food with a nice kitchen?
    Personally, I use the expression of “Bad Meat” (Agile Software Development). Something which feeds you on the short term, but becomes poison on a long run.
    Anyway, thanks for this slides:).

  4. Juergen Salecker says:

    “..but do you think you can only create nice food with a nice kitchen?…”

    Not really, because “anyone” is be able to create nice food with a not so well organized kitchen. But the point here is the “price”, certainly you will need much more resources (time & money) as with a well organized kitchen. Therefore I think Olve’s analogy hits the nail quite well.

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