Oslo C++ User Group (ocppug) had their first meeting this week at The Scotsman. Twelve very knowledgeable men showed up for this meeting (Fredrik, Christian, Igor, Terje, Alf, Johan, Sergey, Samuel, Syver, Frans, Einar Otto and myself). The topic was C++0x, the up-coming C++ standard, hopefully to be finished by 2009.

I opened the meeting by giving a “Quick and dirty introduction to C++0x” (pdf, html). Einar Otto Stangvik provided a solid discussion about why multi-threading in a language not designed for concurrency is difficult. He gave a talk about “Threading in C++0x” (pdf). Terje Slettebø gave a talk about “Concepts in C++0x” (pdf) and he showed the reasons for introducing it into the language.

The meeting started at 1900, we finished the formal part of the meeting around 2130. Then we went downstairs to have some pizza, more beer and lots of good discussions. I really enjoyed this meeting, and I am already looking forward to the next meeting.